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Nucleus Mount

The ASL 660 Nucleus Mount is a center mount about which other parts are grouped.  This lightweight, anodized black mount will allow you in a midline position to mount just about any drive control system.  Once the mount is adjusted to the optimal position, pushing in on the end in a plunging motion will rotate the mount from the locking position into a 90 degree or 180 degree position away from the start point.  This allows it to easily swing away for transfers then easily swing back into the original position.  The attachments will allow you mount virtually all joysticks or driving tray platforms for switch access. One attachment mount included; see list below. 

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Nucleus Mount Options:

    • ASL 616-641 ASL 641 Mount for Q-Logic Stand Alone Joystick
    • ASL 616-642 ASL 642 Mount for PG Remote Plus Joystick
    • ASL 616-643 ASL 643 Mount for Invacare 1812 Joystick
    • ASL 616-644 ASL 644 Mount for ASL 130 Micro Extremity Control
    • ASL 616-645 ASL 645 Mount for ASL 131 Proportional Mini Joystick
    • ASL 616-646 ASL 646 Mount for ASL 132 Pediatric Compact Joystick
    • ASL 616-647 ASL 647 Mount for Invacare MK6i MPJ (up charge)
    • ASL 616-648 ASL 648 Mount for Q-Logic Stand Alone Joystick 360 Degree Rotational Mount (up charge)
  • ASL 616-649 ASL 649 Mount for 360 Degree Universal Mount (up charge)